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The History of GOSA

Our large number of members in the association has brought positive impact to the Nation. We have so many members in prominient positions in the world. This has made us have so many branches in the country with our headquarters in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.

In the middle of the last century, a vision for the expansion of educational opportunity was realized when the Sudan United Mission (SUM) established the Gindiri Schools in the then Northern Nigerian province of Plateau state. Boys' Secondary School (1950) and Girls' High School (1958), moulded by Christian beliefs and principles, were among others that emerged out of this vision to meet the approaching needs of nationhood.

The aim of GOSA is to support the two schools in whatever way we can, to ensure a high standard of education, this will be able to affect the world positively.

Gindiri Old Student Association (GOSA), the Alumni Association of Boys Secondary School (BSS) and Girls High School (GHS) Gindiri, has made remarkable progress, through the products of its alma-maters since its inception in 1956 as (GOBA) and subseqently as GOSA in 1965, where products of GHS merged the old boys. The aim of GOSA is to support the two schools in whatever way we can, to ensure a high standard of education, this will be able to affect the world positively.

GOSA Presidents

1 Dr. Obed Ikwegbu 1972 1975
2 Capt. Paul Thahal 1975 1984
3 Chief Jacob Yariyep Lot 1984 1988
4 Dr. Elias E. Myada 1988 1992
5 Samuel Dauda Akpoko 1992 1994
6 Chief Edward Iguda Aleiyideino 1994 1997
7 Chief Moses Akuha Tor Gbande 1997 1998
8 Prof. Ochapa C. Onazi 1998 2002
9 Sen. Venmak Kurnap Dangin 2002 2007
10 Prof. Suleiman Elias Bogoro 2007 2011
11 Dr. Mrs. Kachollom Gang 2011 2014
12 Prof. Rotgak I. Gofwen 2014 Date

About | Brief History of BSS

The school, an offspring of then middle school, was founded in 1950 by the Sudan United Mission (now COCIN) as a center for christian education in the north. It started as with a single stream enrollment of twenty five students and by 1964, a double stream was introduced. In the seventies, it grew into three, four and by 1977 to five streams with a population of over seven hundred students. When the then plateau province introduced the sixth form in schools, the Boys' Secondary School was selected for sixth form classes which started in 1962 with only male students. Later in 1967, female students enrolled with their male counterparts. At present, the school has twenty classes with a student population of 600 and 33 teaching staff.

The curricullum of the school has remained broad and highly functional as both arts and science subjects are offered in addition to the more practical subjects such as agricultural science, wood work, fine arts, typing etc. Indeed, Boys' Secondary School Gindiri was the first to offer agricultural science in the west African schools.

There is provision for the education of the blind. the school has produced high flyers who in their different field of endeavours and expertise have contributed immensely to National Development... Read More »

About | Brief History of GHS

In 1934, the Sudan Mission (SUM) under the leadership of W.M. Bristow, OBE, established the mission centre at Gindiri. The purpose of the project was to provide high level training for the spiritual and educational upliftment of the emerging christian population of the area surrounding Gindiri. The training centres that came on stream were: the Evangelists class (later pastors college, Now college of Theology), Teacher training course - all in 1934. The Boys' secondary school (BSS) in 1950 and the Girls' High school (GHS) 1958 amongst others.

GHS commenced secondary school class in 1958 with 28 girls as pioneer students. Since then, the total student enrolment stands at over 3000. At the moment, the student population of 675, since it's inception over fifty years ago, GHS has drawn students from all the 36 states of the federation and FCT and other countries such as the UK, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. It's products have distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavour such as the academics, medicine, administration, the church and business. Some of them are spread across the 6 continents of the world rendering meritorious services to mankind... Read More »